Monthly Archives: November 2008

I tell myself, it’s like riding a horse.


I was two the first time I fell off a horse, I got used to it.  Long before I had my own horse, I was around them.  And I think that’s why it never occurred to me to be afraid of them.  I used to watch people who were afraid of them and wonder.  Sure.  They’re big.  I get that.  The idea of controlling them is based purely on confidence, your ability to balance and react quickly.  It’s not so hard, I’m sure they’ve all done far more difficult things in their lives.

I remind myself of that feeling every time life seems like a runaway horse.  I can do this.  I’ve done harder things.

I just took a really long walk.


Not the traditional Thanksgiving, I know. The last few months have been such a whirl. I have too many friends. The beautiful bastards, dragging me out, with their good times and their free drinks and their listening and all that stuff. It’s kept me alive, and now I’m feeling a bit stronger.

So today I was still and let the silence catch me. The streets were deserted except for the occasional hotel bellhop, the grocery store had only rather confused foreign folk. The wind was very gentle on the waves in the bay, and as the sun went down, the lights came on.

“If you can learn to make all cares into one care, the care for simply being present, you will be cared for by that Presence, which is itself creative Power and Love.” -Kabir Helminski

You can’t appreciate your life if you aren’t paying attention.  In fact, I think it’s directly proportional, your gratitude to ability to notice.  And so today, I did that, and just that.

And I am so grateful.

Give us the microphone.



And then stand back.