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Things said while cleaning the kegerator with Jesse


“Go get four paper towels.  FOUR.”

“See if you can put those 27 parts back together.”

“I’ll pay you five bucks to lick that drain.”

“Is there a specific pro- …. Oh look who I’m talking to, what’s the specific procedure, and how many paper towels will it require?”

“I would only go through all this work for true love, or beer.”

“What do I do with this ‘pump and probe’ lube? ………. Nevermind, I’ll just call Buckman and ask.”


So then I said ….

………  I was there the last time Buckman had tequila. Let’s see, I strained a muscle in my back, the Mexican Federales were involved, my boyfriend made a run for it, and my brother could no longer wear white to his wedding. TRUE STORY.