Monthly Archives: January 2009

An informal sister get together.


Valancy Jane – “Wanna grab a late breakfast on Sat morning?”

Bug – “Sounds great!! Have your people call my people.”

Valancy Jane -“As soon as they get back from break. Union rules.”

Bug – “Mine are just lazy.”

Valancy Jane – “Mine drink. Mostly because I told them to.”

Bug – “I suppose mine wouldn’t be so lazy if I would just stop drugging them, but where’s the fun in that?”

Valancy Jane -“I’m pretty sure roofies are against union rules, but hey if they aren’t complaining…

Bug – “No, they’re all a bunch of scabbers. I can’t pay them union wages!”

Valancy Jane – “Oh then you can do anything you like to them.”

Bug – “He, he … I know!”

The Chinese lady that runs the Mexican food shop.


I sometimes stay and eat my dinner in the shop, while she drills me about my life and eating habits.   And while her tone and words haven’t softened towards me, her actions have.  Instead of making me come to the counter for my food, she brings it straight over to me, and she brings me sides I didn’t order, all delicately garnished.  “Here.  *drop plate*  You need more protein.  Don’t eat outside.”  *deadpan expression*

I sometimes wonder if it’s my pregnancy or my company.  And I feel like if I hugged or thanked her, she wouldn’t like it somehow.   So to show my gratitude, I sit.  And eat.