Monthly Archives: June 2009

Fish are friends, not food.


fishies! 005

There are fish in this picture, really.  They’re just really, really fast.

My little long finned danio Siren has outlived all of her tank mates, and since danios are a schooling fish, I knew she’d appreciate some buddies.  Yesterday I picked up a regular and a long finned danio, and today I got two long finned leopard danios.

Whenever I get a new fish, the tired old joke of  “name this one sushi and that one fish stick” gets revived, so as a subtle joke prolly only I would get, I’ve named them all after famous vegetarians.

So internet, welcome Pythagoras, Emily Dickinson, Albert Schweitzer and Victoria Beckham.

Park and C St.


We weren’t the closest people to the man beating on his wife on a street corner.  Lots of people were standing closer.  But we were the only ones to do anything.  I sprinted forward, then cast a look backwards towards Drea to let her know that if she wanted to stand back and just quietly call the cops that was ok but this was something I just had to confront.  As I glanced back, she sprinted past me.  (GAWD I love her.)

The man apparently had no problem hitting a woman in public, but as soon as we started yelling, he took off running, feebly offering over his shoulder, “she started it.”

The 9-11 operator picked right up and I began answering questions.  As soon as the woman realized what I was doing, she begged, “no cops, please.  He’s my husband.”

I said, pulling my mouth away from the phone, “Honey, he just can’t do that to you.”

She replied, “yes, he can.”

My heart just shattered as she ran off, maybe to rejoin him.  Another woman, who had been standing there the whole time only now asked if everything was ok.  I wanted to scornfully tell her how she was too late,  but as I watched the sobbing wife run away, I realized that maybe we were all too late.

If you happen to be a bit heartsick …


… (and today I am) remember that food is not love, and will not make you feel any better.

Except possibly cheese.

And a brie on wheat with wholegrain mustard, or a swiss on sourdough with dill and red onion will remind you that the whole Earth gives freely to nourish and sustain you, with everything you will ever need.

Sometimes a sandwich is not just a sandwich, and a lunch break is not just an action item on your list.