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Muir Woods


Little Nick – “Um, guys?”

Valancy Jane and Buckman – “Yes?”

Little Nick – “We’ve been on this trail for twenty minutes now.  And we’ve only made it 200 feet.  …………………… And ……. you’ve taken about a billion pictures.  Is this really a hike?”

Valancy Jane – “This is how the Facebook Queen hikes.”

Buckman – “AND how VJ hikes.”


















Busy. Doing stuff.


Tomorrow’s gonna be an interesting day.  It will include sugar and rope and wardrobe quick changes and paperwork and a guy named Crazy Ray and it will be hosted several hundred feet off the ground.

Before you remind me to bring my camera, remember who you’re talking to.  The girl that took a few minutes out of this insanely busy day to take pictures of her outfit.

vintage dress

Update soon, kids.

We feel pretty.


I have a sweet little set of positive thought cards, given to me by Rose.  They’re wonderfully illustrated and laminated, and I thought they make make a nice tiled effect in my plain little bathroom.  Sadly the tape I was using refused to stick for more than a minute and a half, and after twenty minutes at the project I badly needed a card that would encourage me in my ability to tack up cards.

Later I was bemoaning that fact to Buckman, as I pealed the remaining tape off and returning them to the box.  I commented that I’d kinda expected him to give me a little shit (“soooooo Californian!”) about them anyway.

He was thumbing through them and he said, “No these are actually pretty nice.”

He paused.  “Well ….”

He held up a card with a drawing of a woman twirling and it read “I’m beautiful and everyone loves me.”

“I think I would HAVE to give you shit for that one.”

I laughed a little and then I said, “Why is it so hard for us to say something nice about ourselves?”

I am a beautiful person, and everyone does love me.

I’m taping that card up on my mirror (if I have to use crazy glue and a clamp) until I can say it without feeling ridiculous.

The Second Sight.


Valancy Jane: The other day a man I passed on the street told me I’m beautiful, and you know what?

‘Rezzie: It’s true, but what?
Wait, you thought “yes, I am”?
You kissed him?

Valancy Jane: He was wearing TWO pairs of glasses, one over the other. So you know he would know.

‘Rezzie: I would take that person’s opinion quite, quite seriously.

Taken that evening.