Monthly Archives: June 2008

It wasn’t just ….


….. that we were driving through the rural town I spent so much time in back then, when I dated a boy who lived there.

But there was that, combined with the fact that I was riding shotgun with the windows down and the music up on a hot summer morning, home from an all night party.  I was thinking of nothing at all but how cute my new sunglasses are, and how very big the world is.

And I swear, I really was 17 again.

The Warner sister


Maria the bus driver and my fellow commuters all agreed today that I remind them of Dot, from the Animaniacs.  Which is funny, and admittedly a bit accurate (I AM cute), but now I can’t get the damn theme song out of my head.


Update – Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

In line in the ladies room


Girl One – “Dude, you always go ahead of me. I really have to pee. I’m peeing first.”

Girl Two – “I do NOT always cut ahead. Besides, I’m in front of you. I’m peeing first.”

Girl One – “I will so pee ON YOU, if you try to go first.”

Girl Two – “I’d like to see you try and pee on me.”

Valancy Jane – *holds up camera phone* “So would the Internet.”

Girl One – *eyes widen* “Uh …………. you go first.”

Girl Two – *eyes widen and points to a now empty stall* “Yeah. You can go ahead.”

It’s amazing what you can get away with ….


…..  or just frankly, GET, if you preface it with, “Hey, I’m on a scavenger hunt ….” and give it the right level of giggly excitement.  Nobody wants to ruin the game.

“Hey, I’m on a scavenger hunt, do you have a BBQ?”

“Hey, I’m on a scavenger hunt, do you have any shoes that match this dress?”

“Hey, I’m on a scavenger hunt, do you have a frozen pizza?”

“Hey, I’m on a scavenger hunt, do you have an extra house key?”

“Hey, I’m on a scavenger hunt, do you have any of the old twenty dollar bills?”