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I got a job.


A very similar job to my last one, at a very similar pay, which in this economy is pretty darn awesome.  It’s a much smaller company, an accounting firm a mere five mintues from my house (if I hit every red light).  I really like the atmosphere, and after four months of interviewing candidates they made me a offer same day, they were that sure they wanted me. 

This enabled me to say no to the other job I’d been offered, that I really didn’t want.

And it means that I can relax, and stop feeling guilty for every minute I was online that wasn’t spent looking for a job.

It means I can blog again.


Getting my car out of my new parking garage …


…. was really a huge personal achievement. I should be allowed to put it on my resume. It required patience, calm, a basic understanding of physics (if it came in, it must come out), split second decision making (do I want to hit the Lexus or hit the Mercedes?), a backup plan (maybe I can just sell my car for parts ….) and persistence.

Tomorrow I get to do it all over again.

The Chinese lady that runs the Mexican food shop.


I sometimes stay and eat my dinner in the shop, while she drills me about my life and eating habits.   And while her tone and words haven’t softened towards me, her actions have.  Instead of making me come to the counter for my food, she brings it straight over to me, and she brings me sides I didn’t order, all delicately garnished.  “Here.  *drop plate*  You need more protein.  Don’t eat outside.”  *deadpan expression*

I sometimes wonder if it’s my pregnancy or my company.  And I feel like if I hugged or thanked her, she wouldn’t like it somehow.   So to show my gratitude, I sit.  And eat.

Urban pirate


Commuter Buddy – “Oh, there are you are.  I didn’t see you on the platform, I thought you didn’t make the train.”

Valancy Jane – “My shuttle was late.  I ran up just as the doors closed.”

Commuter Buddy – “But you’re here.”

Valancy Jane – “You know those big button things besides the doors, to open the doors if the train isn’t yet moving?”

Commuter Buddy – “They disabled those.”

Valancy Jane – “Yep.  And I’m not admitting to anything, but I’m just saying that that panel lifts up.  And that there are tinkerable parts underneath.  I’m not saying I would ever play with wires, but lets just say ……… I’m on the train.”