Monthly Archives: September 2008

Today’s Playlist


Manifest Destiny by Guster

Gotta Have You by The Weepies

Fools by the Dodos

This is a Landslide by Intramural

Set Yourself on Fire by I’m From Barcelona

Alley Cat by Sherwood

Dances Fantastic by Neva Dinova

Forever Young by Youth Group

People C’mon by Delta Spirit

Annie Use Your Telescope by Jack’s Mannequin

In case ….


….. you found yesterday’s bruise posts too jarring, (hey, I know it was early) I’ve really classed it up here.  I’m wearing undies, and standing in front of a bookcase.  You can’t see it from this angle, but I’m also wearing a monocle.  Because I’m a lady, bitches.

As you can see, the blue has gone purple and green and begun to fade.  The bruise is healing.  Thank you all for your kind attention to my boo boo, and you may all resume looking at my face.  Which if you’ve forgotten (hey I wouldn’t blame you), looks like this.