Monthly Archives: January 2008



So the last week I’ve actually acted like I have something of a life.  Gone out, seen people, gone to parties, etc.  And in sorting through all the pictures, I noticed something troubling.

This face.


Sadly, this is not an isolated case. 


What the hell is this face?  Why am I making this face, at least once a party?  I don’t recall ever wanting or trying to look as though I’m about to be poked in the eye by something that smells bad.  There was some wine involved, but not near enough to blame it.  Why?  Why this face?  Because it’s sooooooooo sexy?

As soon as we’ve sorted this little mystery out, we can discuss why the hell I do things like this. 


A drinking game ….


….. that can be safely played at elementary schools and AA meetings.

Everytime a contender on American Gladiator explains their plan for the next event and uses metaphors that make sense, take a drink.

Also, anyone who thinks Hogan’s hair is real, take a drink. 

Oh and he like, works hard too, and stuff.


My Homie in Marketing – “And the Employee of the Year is ………….. [Coworker L]!!!!”

Valancy Jane – *cheers*

Sumer – *cheers*

Valancy Jane – “He so deserves it.”

Sumer – “Yeah.”

Valancy Jane – “We danced at the Christmas party, and he was the only guy who didn’t put his penis on me.”

Sumer – “Wow.”

Valancy Jane and Sumer – *stand and cheer*