Monthly Archives: March 2008

It’s always like this.


I sent him an email that I knew he wouldn’t be able to get until he got home, telling him that I’d been thinking of him a lot more than usual this week, and could he call me the absolute earliest second that he could?

It took less than an hour for him to call me from a pay phone at a train station in some faraway place because he wanted to tell me he’d been thinking of me a lot this week.

First things first.


I’m done moving.

I’ve got the cats and bunny and fish settled.

I’m surrounded by boxes on almost every side.  I can’t find anything.  I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.  So what’s the first thing I do?

I hook up my computer and blog.


If only someone would sweep me off on a Hawaiian vacation.


Oh wait.  *grin*

I’ll be off work for the next two weeks.   This weekend I’m moving to my new digs, in an area near downtown, known as Little Italy.  It’s the polar opposite of the neighborhood I live in now.  My current neighborhood has monster trucks, spit on the sidewalks, and a lot of bail bond offices.  My new neighborhood has bicycles, art sidewalk sales and gelato lounges.  (It’s in my price range because you have to duck everytime a plane flies overhead, the airport being just past my front yard.)

I will have two roommates, and I’ll tell you more about them once I have more than first impressions to share with you.

I’m getting excited about the new place, but considering my bad back and some other heath problems, I am fully aware that all this is going to be very painful.  Yes, I have friends to help me, but even putting books on shelves is going to add up, and moving inevitably involves dust which means rashes and chemical sensitivity flareups.  Not to sound like a whiner, I know everyone hates moving, but it really is worse for me.

Send me some good thoughts on Tuesday and Wendsday, please.  That’s when I meet with folks to find out exactly how screwed I’m going to be by this whole mess

It’s gonna be a very rough week for me, in every sense.

And so it’s very good that on Friday, I fly away to Maui, with Rose and Little Nick.  And for one week I will have distance from it all.

I will snorkel and hike and lay in a hamook and read and come back ready to tackle my new life, one challenage at a time.

Back on the 11th.

*blows kisses*

The first time he kissed me….


…. well, there’s really no excuse for me not seeing it coming.

We’d both spent so much time wanting to kiss each other, even talking about it.  Seconds beforehand I had said, “my lips are cold,” which was intended exactly as it sounds, as an invitation to kiss me.

I just didn’t realize that THIS time, he would.  So my head was moving, and he caught my upper lip, just a teeny bit offcenter.

So you can always tell when I’m thinking of him, because my smile is a little offcenter.


Jesse had his head in the fridge


Jesse – “Honey Porter?”

Bethany – “Yes?”

Jesse – “Yes?”

Bethany – “Were you calling me?”

Jesse – “I was asking if you would like a honey porter beer.”

Bethany – “Do I like honey porter beer?”

Jesse – “Not as much as you like this other kind, which I just found.”

Bethany – “Do I?  I only want a beer if it’s one I like, and I don’t remember which one that is.”

Jesse – “Here.  You like this kind.”

Valancy Jane – “Married people are weird.”