Monthly Archives: March 2009

My new hero.


Best Buy Kid – “Yes ma’am?”

Valancy Jane – *holds up phone* “Hear this alarm?”

Best Buy Kid – “Yesss ….”

Valancy Jane – “It’s telling me I need to be back at work. Like … right-”

Best Buy Kid – “Right now. I see.”

Valancy Jane – “This camera. Please make it work.”

Four and a half minutes later, I was in my car. And I spent one of those minutes telling his supervisor how awesome the kid was.

Another alternate use for nail polish


My friend was just saying she texts so much that she wore the paint for the numbers off the buttons. And another friend suggested she repaint with symbols.

I think that’s an awesome idea. I’d love it if for at least one person, my number was (cross, Egyptian eye, delta), cave drawing of a bison, cave drawing of a bison, Prince’s symbol, – the letter Q, a no smoking sign, falling rocks ahead and the logo of the rebel alliance from Star Wars.

“What I get.”


OneSidedDice:Hi Jane, how’re you doing this morning?

ValancyJane:Feeling popular. I’ve been on this site a matter of minutes, and only uploaded a few pictures.

OneSidedDice:Well, that’s what you get for being attractive and female

ValancyJane:Can I finish up and we’ll chat another time maybe?

OneSidedDice:But then I won’t have any company, I’ll be forlorn

ValancyJane:You have the whole rest of the site.
And the world at your fingertips.

OneSidedDice:The world is my keyboard?

ValancyJane:As I said to my dog this morning at the dog park, Go! Shoo. You know, in the nice way.

OneSidedDice:Oh, okay.
I thought you were telling me to have a bowel movement
Your version makes more sense

Have a lovely day.

OneSidedDice:I will try, but it may prove impossible without you
Nice getting to talk with you

ValancyJane:I might be more inclined to believe you if I’d written anything on my profile yet.
Scram, kid. ‘Nother time, maybe.

OneSidedDice:More than maybe, I hope
Anyway, even if you haven’t written anything on your profile, you’re still fun to talk with so far

ValancyJane:The future is uncertain, and ain’t that glorious?