Monthly Archives: September 2007

I should have remembered that I lead a charmed existence.


I would have dreaded going to Urgent Care a lot less.

See, I called my doctor about seeing if I have strep (which I suspected because Sumer had a week and a half ago) and my flu had come with a sore throat. Since my doctor was moving her offices this week, I could go to Urgent Care for the strep test.

I was NOT looking forward to my anticipated hours of waiting to be seen.

When I went after work, I was shocked to find free wifi in the waiting room, a very friendly staff and just a few minutes of waiting. When I couldn’t find my insurance card, the nurse looked it up and and printed me an extra copy so I wouldn’t have to wait for the pharmacist to do the same thing. The nurse and I hardly had time to chat about everything we wanted to before the doctor came in, who must be some sort of good witch, because she called out “ear infection” almost before she looked in my ear.
The initial strep test came up negative, (yay!!!) and my doctor said that the antibiotics for my ears would get rid of another form of strep or the flu or whatever I have, so yay! Only one pill to take!
Even the pharmacist took just a few minutes. The whole thing only took about an hour.
I love my healthcare.