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Anyone else watching this season of So You Think You Can Dance? I have a massive crush on Legacy and as Aurora would say, I’d like to have ten thousand of his babies.

Bedside manners


doctors office

For the low, low bargain basement copay price of twenty dollars, I got the full work up, the vajayjay checkup and a boobie rubdown, and a valuable lesson.

I learned that it is not appropriate to ask your (young) (hot) (female) (yes, this is relevant to the story) doctor if, while she’s feeling up your goods, you can take a picture for a male friend and/or financial gain.

On the nearby military base.


Older Gentleman – “Ladies?”

Drea – “Yes?

Valancy Jane – *looks up*

Older Gentlemen – “You ladies would win the award for best dressed ladies in this store.”

Drea – “Oh thank you!”

Valancy Jane – “Is there actually an award?”

Older Gentleman – *shakes head*  “My wife won’t let me do that …… anymore.”