Monthly Archives: December 2008

Nothing about this year was what I thought it would be.


Circumstances propelled me to swap out driving my car for taking the train to work every day, and there I’ve met so many lovely friends.  My house in the country was sold, the new house I found was rerented under my nose, forcing me to find a new place in a matter of days.  I found one, hardly caring where, hardly knowing it was the best place I could have found.  Every day as I walk home I think to myself how much I love it here in the city, with my witty, interesting roommates.  A phone call ripped my insides out, resulting in the casual misplacement of forty pounds.  While that still aches every day, hey, at least I look good.  Misery became me quite prettily.

I end 2008 feeling like I’ve grown and aged a hundred years.  I hardly expect my cats to recognize me.

I caught my breath and prepared to wrap it all up by telling you that hey, isn’t it funny what life throws at us, and doesn’t it always end up being wonderful?

Turns out that this year had one more surprise up it’s sleeve.  And it’s a doozy.

I’m pregnant.

There’s a reason …


… that posting has been so light lately.

Tomorrow, I’m going to break some big, big news. Expect a gush, a geyser of posts on this new development in the new year.

In the meantime, have yourself a merry little Christmas, and rest up for my big announcement.

I love you all, and can’t wait to tell you everything.

He swears he just means that almost all our engineers are men.


Coworker – “I found these glasses in the conference room. Can we add these to the lost and found?”

Valancy Jane – “Sure, wanna trade?  I have, uh, *rummages the lost and found box* this key.”

Coworker – “What’s it to?”

Valancy Jane – “Who knows?  Maybe nothing, perhaps the chastity belt of a beautiful woman.”

Coworker – “Uh, the tag says engineering.  I’ll pass.”