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Dear darling Internet, you’ll tell me the truth, won’t you?


These pants.  These pants are awesome.  But ……. will they love me back?  I’m short, especially the lower half, and not conservatively proportioned.  Will the well-defined waist keep me from looking too hip-py?  Will hemming them (which I often have to do) destroy the tapered leg?  I strongly suspect I can make these work, but then I remember the year I thought short-sleeved mock turtlenecks where the way to go.  (Picture NOT supplied.)

In return for your advice, I will offer my own on any subject you choose.  Anything at all you want advice on.  My only warning/qualification is that I’m a brave little slut.



The funny thing about healing is that it tends to snowball.  Once it begins, it tends to move faster and faster, and the surprise of feeling a bit better is quickly followed by the surprise of feeling a lot better.

The unfunny thing about healing is that it all seems to depend on that first little shove.  When I see that first little bit of progress, then I’ll know I’m going to be alright.