Nothing about this year was what I thought it would be.


Circumstances propelled me to swap out driving my car for taking the train to work every day, and there I’ve met so many lovely friends.  My house in the country was sold, the new house I found was rerented under my nose, forcing me to find a new place in a matter of days.  I found one, hardly caring where, hardly knowing it was the best place I could have found.  Every day as I walk home I think to myself how much I love it here in the city, with my witty, interesting roommates.  A phone call ripped my insides out, resulting in the casual misplacement of forty pounds.  While that still aches every day, hey, at least I look good.  Misery became me quite prettily.

I end 2008 feeling like I’ve grown and aged a hundred years.  I hardly expect my cats to recognize me.

I caught my breath and prepared to wrap it all up by telling you that hey, isn’t it funny what life throws at us, and doesn’t it always end up being wonderful?

Turns out that this year had one more surprise up it’s sleeve.  And it’s a doozy.

I’m pregnant.


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  1. eeep. wow. congrats? haha i’m not really sure what to write here. as for the fact, i don’t know you quite as well as i’d like. but even so, you were the almost roommate and i still love your pretty little heart.

  2. Congratulations. Have you started thinking about names? Have you considered Dot or Mistletoe? Or if it’s a girl you could call her Lizette or Noelle. I happen to know somebody with a mighty list of names.

    this year had one more surprise up it’s sleeve

    Don’t jinx yourself, 2008’s not over yet

  3. KJ – Hahahaha! We DO know someone, don’t we? And touche, 2008 isn’t over yet, you’re right.

    Todd – Baby had better get it’s own toys. I’m not sharing mine.
    I kid. Mostly. And thanks. I WILL make a great mom, won’t I?

  4. I’m sorry about the all caps. I’m also sorry about the exclamation marks. I’m sure that I can contain it now. I’ve taken a deep breath and a drink of water.


    I’m so excited to see you as a mommy. I think it will be a wild adventure, and that kid is gonna be sooooooooo very loved. And I hope you continue blogging as candidly as you always have, whatever you decide to say.

  5. wow.


    and then.. wow.

    How did it happen? Oops.. I mean of course I know HOW it happened. It’s just that..

    well, I thought we wore protection..and umm… well..

    don’t worry. I’ll send you child support and visit every other weekend.

  6. Have been reading for ages, this might be my first comment! I think you are RIDICULOUSLY darling and I love to read about your adventures. HUGE Congratulations on the news! You are going to be great!

  7. Yay! The official annoucement! I no longer have to hold in all my BABY SQUEALS!!!!!!!! BABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU! And for this beautiful new life too!

  8. I just thought of something… does this mean that you will now have to limit, dare I say “cease”, standing on top of things while having pictures taken of you?

  9. As one who never ever thought she would have child I feel for you. It is the most exciting and scary thing you will ever experience. the only advice I can give is to get past the scary and enjoy every moment you can.

    A child of yours is sure to have the best of everything! No, I don’t mean material, I mean the rest. You can bring so much to this child that most will never know!

    It can be wonderful, I promise!

  10. Congrats! As someone who just gave birth 9 days ago, if you have any questions or want to chat about pregnancy–email me.

    I think you’ll be an awesome mama.

  11. I absolutely have no words for the excitement I’m feeling for you! Okay, whatever. I have words. All the time. But it sounded good. Welcome to the most wonderful, terrifying, rewarding, challenging, exciting, nerve-wracking, incredible journey of your life! Congratulations to all of you and I can’t wait to hear all about everything! Smooches!

  12. 12 – Thank you!

    ‘Rez – Wheeeeeeee!

    Melina – Congrats and …. tell me everything.

    Justine – Tell me everything.

    Rhett – It really is.

    Twink – It really is.

    Amber – Dude, I named my vagina after you, isn’t that enough?

    ‘Rez – You’re right, I am, which is why there’s a good chance my kid will be named something like Therese.

    Colsy – *laughs*

  13. HAHAHAHA! VJAMBER! Touche, Love. I concede my name. But! I have a great idea! Because all of the Aunties want your baby to be named after them, if the baby is a girl, she should have a middle name of Tia! Which is Spanish for Aunt. VIOLA! Mission accomplished, named after all of us! (Just a joke because you rule at naming and this baby will not be the exception!)

  14. I don’t read any blogs for a few days and you go and get pregnant?! My eyes nearly popped out of my head!

    Holy Crap!

    OK, now that I’ve gotten that out, wow.

    Do you remember speaking with me after my son was born? How excited I was?

    It only gets better from there.

    You are in for such a wild, crazy, scary, rewarding, ride.

    Right up your alley.

    You’re going to be a great mom.

    And it’s Uncle Hank. Or, as my neice and nephews call me: Unca.

  15. Wowee! Congratulations! Ewaldina Mervivan, my little progeny, is due to pop out in early August. I’m thrilled she has a fellow pyromaniac relative also in the oven.

  16. Congratulations! I came across your blog a few months ago and lurk here often, but must de-lurk to Congratulate you. Motherhood is great – I have two 🙂 You are so fun, and kind, and good-natured – you’ll be a great mommy.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back to lurking. I am kinda shy like that.

  17. wow. i go away from the internet for like 3 weeks and this is what happens? i hate to know what happens on tv when i’m not around to watch it…

    congrats sweetie! you’ll be an awesome mom!

  18. i know right. i had very limited access… so i was only on the internet like 3 times. i had the dt’s… now i’m better. i stayed up til 1am last night basking in the cool glow of my imac.

  19. I…

    I’m speechless.

    I saw it in the email chain and realized that I missed A LOT during law school finals and break.

    Congratulations, Veaj. You’re going to be a wonderful mommy.

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