He swears he just means that almost all our engineers are men.


Coworker – “I found these glasses in the conference room. Can we add these to the lost and found?”

Valancy Jane – “Sure, wanna trade?  I have, uh, *rummages the lost and found box* this key.”

Coworker – “What’s it to?”

Valancy Jane – “Who knows?  Maybe nothing, perhaps the chastity belt of a beautiful woman.”

Coworker – “Uh, the tag says engineering.  I’ll pass.”


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  1. I have to admit that I took a pair of sunglasses that had been sitting on a table in front—found by someone and placed there until the owner returned.

    It was weeks and weeks of them sitting on the table, and it was sunny….

    Does this make me a bad person?

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