Monthly Archives: October 2007

Happy Halloween y’all.


Go do something wicked. Like take pictures up someone’s costume.

Buffy, Sumer and I

Home for the Holidays.


Recently I had to face a hard truth, that my sweet little Sidra-cat was not fitting into our little zoo.  She and Dulce just felt the house wasn’t big enough for both of them to queen over, and Mau’s playfulness seemed to scare her.  Our ladylike little Dulce was flat out aggressive to her, and Sidra began spending more and more time perched on top of the fridge. 

And that’s no life for a little duchess like Sidra.

And yes, I did lots of research and tried everything I could think of.  With a broken heart I resigned myself to the fact that the home my SidSid needed was not my own. 

Fortunately, my good friend Fred wanted a cat of his own, and so now our little Sidra has his whole apartment and heart to rule with her delicate little paw.  He buys her catnip by the tub, and she curls up on his feet while he’s on the computer.

I already miss her little chirp of a meow, but I feel so good about my little black cat getting a home of her own in time for Halloween.

The only other time I ever remember feeling disoriented …


…. was on an RV trip as a kid. 

I feel asleep and when I work up, I thought we’d turned around, somehow my notoriously perfect sense of direction had exactly flipped.  My poles had reversed.  I thought north was south and south was north.

It took me half an hour to shake it off, push through it and re-set my inner compass. 

It was a totally unexplainable and isolated incident.

Until this last little trip that I just took. 

I think I left home twice.  Somewhere between my flights, that sense, that tug of where home is, switched.  This from the girl who went to Hawaii and was still glad to be back in her little house.  Something really changed for me in this past week.

I think it’ll take roughly a year to realign it all, but this time I think I’ll listen and move myself, rather than try to convince myself what my gut is telling me is wrong.