Feeling at home.


I accidentally left the bathroom door a little bit open while I peed.

Which wouldn’t be so bad if I was at home, but this was at the chocolate shop.

*shakes head*


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  1. I feel scandalous doing that at home when only the Sita the cat is around.

    When she walks in and looks at me like, “what are you doing, and also, feed me again”… It gives me stage fright.

  2. I’m can’t perform with the door open in my own house much less in public. I don’t know if that’s because I’m shy or because of sooo many years of being interupted by my son and/or husband (usually both) while I’m in the bathroom, that my natural instinct is to close the door and lock it!!

  3. See, I never purposely leave the door open, but sometimes I don’t pull it all the way shut because Mau likes to come and go from any room at will and can get a little pissy if he can’t.

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