I just took a really long walk.


Not the traditional Thanksgiving, I know. The last few months have been such a whirl. I have too many friends. The beautiful bastards, dragging me out, with their good times and their free drinks and their listening and all that stuff. It’s kept me alive, and now I’m feeling a bit stronger.

So today I was still and let the silence catch me. The streets were deserted except for the occasional hotel bellhop, the grocery store had only rather confused foreign folk. The wind was very gentle on the waves in the bay, and as the sun went down, the lights came on.

“If you can learn to make all cares into one care, the care for simply being present, you will be cared for by that Presence, which is itself creative Power and Love.” -Kabir Helminski

You can’t appreciate your life if you aren’t paying attention.  In fact, I think it’s directly proportional, your gratitude to ability to notice.  And so today, I did that, and just that.

And I am so grateful.


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  1. This post was like a nice drink of cool water on a hot day. I love you and I am grateful that we are friends. I know I’ve told you this countless times, but I don’t think you can hear that sort of thing too often.


  2. Happy (post) Turkey Day! I am so glad you had a moment like this, we all need those little moments.

    I’m glad to know you and I am so grateful that you let me become part of our Internet Family!

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