Mine always come out crooked.


Mysterious Coworker: I get to make a turkey tomorrow.
Should be exciting.

Valancy Jane: I assume you mean “cook,” not “make.”

Mysterious Coworker: 😉

Valancy Jane: Making a turkey would be hard, glueing all those feathers on.

Mysterious Coworker: Therein lies the excitement.


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  1. i would say paper mache AND pipe cleaners. that way you can even make little curved toes. and the pipe cleaner could maybe make the feet texture.

    once again, yes i think about these things.

  2. Y’all don’t keep a real live turkey in your yard for the feathers when you need them? Come over to my house, I have ALL the shit you’ve never dreamed of.

    (Not really. Just boring old markers and construction paper).

  3. heeee…. sounds like something I’d inadvertently say. Like the time I said I peed in the back of the truck. And my cousin was like, “doesn’t the truck stink now?” and I was like? HU? OH noooooo I meant BEHIND the truck.


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