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A perfect day


To commemorate Aurora’s birthday, she and took a train trip up the coast to LA.  We splurged on business class tickets, and definitely ate our money’s worth in free coffee and pastry.

We did lots of shopping in the various ethnic neighborhoods that surround the train station, Little Tokyo and the Mexican old town area, Olvera Street.  But for me the highlight was being joined by my little sister ZezZee, my childhood friend Jessica, and the legendary Miss Kendra, for dinner in Chinatown.

And as we left, I paused for a moment to drink it in, how much I love my life. And how big a role the wonderful friendships I have with women, with these amazing women, have in that happiness.

Sister plans.


Valancy Jane: Darling!

ZezZee: hello my dear
we have been painting
it is very exciting

Valancy Jane: As of five this evening, I’m off work and free to play for the next four days.

ZezZee: ooh

Valancy Jane: And no particular plans.

ZezZee: me neither
let’s change this
something involving fire

Valancy Jane: And twirling.
And cat hair. Just because everything I do involves cat hair.
I can’t get away from it.

ZezZee: shiny cat hair

Valancy Jane: Let’s do something Sat afternoon.

ZezZee: Sat afternoon it is

Valancy Jane: Shall we get ice cream and stroll the main shopping drag in Del Mar?

ZezZee: oooh
that involves neither fire nor twirling
on first glance

Valancy Jane: Only on first glance.

ZezZee: but i have full faith in our resourcefulness

Valancy Jane: Yes.
Ice cream and cigars, then.

ZezZee: hahaha
classy combination

Valancy Jane: We are nothing if not classy.

ZezZee: hmmm
not sure i like this dichotomy
classy or nothing….
does that mean we go poof if we take our heels off?

Valancy Jane: Haha!
Let’s never take that chance.

Mama raised us right.


ZezZee: hey love

Valancy Jane: Darling!
I was just talking about you earlier.
To the police.

ZezZee: oh
did they say nice things I hope?

Valancy Jane: Well, mostly they were impressed by your last getaway.

ZezZee: ah
it was specially for them

Valancy Jane: They say having the event catered was a nice touch. I imagine chasing you through a swamp left them pretty hungry.

ZezZee: its the little things that give us class

ZezZee had her first public screening of her short film, Moon Light.


I could not be more proud of my beautiful, beautiful sister.