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Star Party


“Hey boss?”


“Do you mind if I leave about 20 minutes early?  I have to be downtown by six.”

“Have fun partying.”

“I’m going to an astronomy lecture at the museum, actually.”

Cut to three hours later, I’m drinking bourbon out of my purse and stage whispering to my buddy Yost that I’m totally turned on by the Hubble Telescope, and I recall laughingly that little hint of indignation that crept into that last sentence.

My boss knows me too well, I guess.  Everything turns into a party.


More Career Options


Valancy Jane says:
I’m going to take my time and wait for an opening to come up that I’m really interested in.
You know, like, “glitter factory management” or “baby bear therapist” or “philanthropist.”

Former Coworker S – says:
That’s great… You should have no problem finding a great job you love.

Valancy Jane says:
Do circuses still have ballerinas that dance on horseback?

Former Coworker S – says:
If they don’t, they should bring them back.

Valancy Jane says:
I can provide my own outfits!
I’m going to update my resume with that information…

National Public Lands Day


Did you know that last Sat. was National Public Lands Day?  And that all the national parks were free?  And that there’s a national monument just a couple of miles from my apartment?  And that they happened to be having a festival over the weekend?

Totally out of excuses for having never been there.

So Aurora and I went to see the Cabrillo National Monument, the site of the first European landing on the Pacific Coast of what would become the United States.






I always find myself strangely happy in San Francisco.


Maybe it’s the sparkly sidewalks.  Maybe it’s the cool breezes.  There’s a pretty good chance it’s the people.

Bug and Buckman and I will be road-tripping up in a few weeks, for nine whole lovely unhurried days.

I will be celebrating Rose’s birthday with her, at a lodge on top of Mt. Tam, under the full moon.  I’ll be celebrating the engagement of Zia and Lele at a shower thrown by their families.  (Remind me to tell you the story of Lele’s proposal, as related to me by Zia.  It will include the words “shaman” and “Mexico City.”)  And in between these two events, I’ll be prowling the city with my camera, and maybe prowling on Rose’s roof again with Little Nick.

Beaches and ferries and bookshops, oh my!