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Rednecks are cute.


A “BIG” TV 60″ about 4′ X 5.5′ X 2.5′ SONY it has ghosts. in JULIAN (Julian on a dirt rd. yo need truck)


There are just three kinds of people in this world.


People who watch America’s Next Top Model, people watch it and pretend they don’t, and people who are lame and need to be clued in.

Aurora and I have decided to like Little French Girl, Isis and Red.  Also Sheena.  Pending any ridiculous, bitchy behavior, of course.  I see huge potential for The Crazy this year, and I’m so looking forward to it.

Who do you like?

Oh please be real.


It would make my entire summer.

And previously mentioned, I hold the minority opinion that it’s possible and even likely that large, undiscovered primates such as the yeti or bigfoot do exist.  This is an opinion I share with fellow “romantic” Jane Goodall, and also with a whole bunch of nutcases.  They might be right, but let’s face it, most “bigfoot trackers” are crazy.

This particular find sounds a bit suspect, as they have yet to turn over the body and are only letting their scientists(?) see it at this point.  The only released photo doesn’t overwhelm with a sense of authenticity either.

But anything is possible.  She’s a big-big world, and she’s never stopped surprising us over the course of history.  There’s plenty of wonder and newness and surprises left.  And wouldn’t it be lovely if we all got a 7 foot dose of that tomorrow, at a press conference in Palo Alto?

In that spirit, I think we need to have a Bigfoot party.  Let’s dress up as bigfeet, and have a large scale game of hide and seek downtown, chasing each other with cameras.  Who’s in?