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A gal only turns 29 once. Well, usually.



As some of you might know, my actual birthday falls on December 23rd, which is a ridiculous time of year to have a birthday.  (You heard me, Jesus.)  So I’ve done the sensible thing and rescheduled.  This year it fell on Sept 25th.  What day it falls on is subject entirely to my whim.

As you can see, I picked a good day.

















Mattress shopping with a gay.


Valancy Jane – “Can you pick me up some tealight candles while you’re there?  I forgot them for the jack o’ lanterns.”

Buckman – “Yup, no problem.”

Valancy Jane – “Thank you!  I would just ask an employee.  If you attempt to walk that maze, I’ll never see you again.  And if I do, it’ll take six years, you’ll have grown a beard and changed your name to Sjvksvfo.”

Buckman – “You underestimate how often I’ve been to Ikea, they are all esstentially the same, lol.  We’re just cruising guys and one of the staff just told Drew and ”

Valancy Jane – “And …… ?  See.  I’ve lost you already.”

Wherein I convert.


I am owning this picture

Last Friday night, Buckman and I, with his friend Elliot, went to Dor Hadash synagogue, to counter protest the protest of Westboro Baptist Church. 

with the crazyfolk

It was a very surreal experience.  A friend said he thought I was brave, but I actually think it was the WBC protesters who are brave.  According to their signs, they believe that “Rabbis Rape Kids,” and “You (meaning us) Will Eat Babies.”  And yet, THEY BROUGHT THEIR OWN CHILDREN. 

I think that’s brave.  I looked down at a beautiful little blond girl of about six, wearing a shirt that says, “God hates Fags” and holding a sign that reads, “Thank God for IEDs,” and said to her “Don’t worry sweetie.  I’m a vegetarian.”

The kind folks at Dor Hadash invited us to join them after the protest.  And lawdy, can they put out a good spread.  I began to seriously consider joining.

buckman and elliott at synagogue

The service was lovely, and afterwards, the Rabbi invited us back today for a get together.  She promised us homemade schnapps and a pinata, at which point my jaw just dropped.  It’s like they invented a religion just for me.

Stare Down


stare down

I don’t think I need to tell you who won this.

I post this to mention that Mau and Buckman are now totally BFF.  It’s so funny.  Buckman claimed to not care for cats, and while Mau certainly likes people, he’s never come close to loving anyone except me.

But he and Buckman, man.  It’s so cute.