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“I’m going to buy you a barbie.”


I think that’s the purest expression of love a two year old girl can give.  She was in the sunday school class Bethany teaches, and she looked up at Bethany and said it so sweetly.  When Bethany told me about it, it became kind of an expression between us. 

And when we bought stocking stuffers for each other, I guess we both had the same idea.

Yes, that’s a pony riding little girl barbie for me, and a wolf riding surfer barbie for her. 


Yost sent me presents.


*knock, knock*

Valancy Jane – *gets up*

Buckman – “Go away, we hate you!”

Valancy Jane – *opens the door*  “Oh.  You’re not Aurora.  Whoops.”

Postman – “Uh, are you Thelo, uh, Thelove ………… hm.  Oh.  I see.  The lovely Vala …. Valac …….”

Valancy Jane – “Yes.  Thelove  LyValac.  That’s me.”

Postman – *blink, blink*

Valancy Jane – “It’s Prussian.”

Or just the elbow wrench. I can figure it out.


Warehouse Guy – “These box are for MHiM, where should I put them?”

Valancy Jane – “Right over there, thank you.”

CTO – “I wonder what’s in those boxes.”

Valancy Jane – “I bet it’s that pony I’ve been asking for!”

CTO – “I’m not sure you’d want a pony in that many boxes.”

Valancy Jane – “Just so long as it comes with an elbow wrench and some instructions, I’m not picky.”

Cold remedy


Chip – Can I bring you anything?

Valancy Jane – A new head?

Chip – Ahh. The one thing I can’t do. Sorry. Anything else?

Valancy Jane – A pony?

Chip – Do you have someplace to put one?

Valancy Jane – The fire escape!

Chip – LMAO. Do you think it would be happy there?

Valancy Jane – If I braided it’s mane and fed it cracker jacks, then yes.

Chip – I’m not sure about the cracker jacks.

Valancy Jane – I am. I’m sure deep down in my heart.

Who leaves their office unattended on April Fools Day, honestly.



It’s amazing what you can get at Target on a lunch break.