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RE: The Environment “God will come back before that stuff happens, not to worry.”


Valancy Jane: So I suppose I should actually congratulate my former classmate.

Mysterious Coworker: It’s pretty remarkable.

Valancy Jane: “Dear Sir: After viewing your points on religion and the environment, I would like you to know that you have made me rethink some of my beliefs ….. on free speech. Congratulations. Sincerely, Valancy Jane.”

Mysterious Coworker: Isn’t there something in the Bible about God saying, “Take care of this planet”?

Valancy Jane: Is there a specific parable in their own book about stewardship of this planet, and how royally pissed off their God would be if they don’t invest in it and make it BETTER?

Mysterious Coworker: It might be time for another sign.

Valancy Jane: Like a flood?
I took survival swimming.

Mysterious Coworker: No, I mean a cardboard sign. With the number of that verse written on it.