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A perfect day


To commemorate Aurora’s birthday, she and took a train trip up the coast to LA.  We splurged on business class tickets, and definitely ate our money’s worth in free coffee and pastry.

We did lots of shopping in the various ethnic neighborhoods that surround the train station, Little Tokyo and the Mexican old town area, Olvera Street.  But for me the highlight was being joined by my little sister ZezZee, my childhood friend Jessica, and the legendary Miss Kendra, for dinner in Chinatown.

And as we left, I paused for a moment to drink it in, how much I love my life. And how big a role the wonderful friendships I have with women, with these amazing women, have in that happiness.

Who would you call ….


…. if you were shoved into a booth with 14 fabulous gay men in varying degrees of soberity?

Clearly there was only one date awesome enough for brunch with my gay husband at Mo’s All You Can Eat (and drink) Brunch.  I think you know who I mean.


That’s right, bitches.  The one and only Miss Kendra, “Pepper,” “Dizzy Van Damn!” and the great love of my life.  She charmed everyone, and earned a round of applause for fitting the four decker sandwich in her mouth.




When people ask why I seem so perky, it’s mornings like this that I point to.






I’m like an obsolete machine.


Valancy Jane says:
You know all the dark pieces in a snack mix, that look like tiny slices of pumpernickel?
miss kendra says:
Valancy Jane says:
I’m picking those out and eating just those right now.
I like snack mix, but I prefer to eat all of one kind, then all of another kind, etc …
miss kendra says:
that’s endearing
Valancy Jane says:
Not if I’m sharing it with someone else.
They tend to get annoyed.
It throws off the balence of the mix.  And it’s hard to sort just a handful.
miss kendra says:
unless they hate one thing, then you protect them from it
Valancy Jane says:
That’s true. But rare.
Very few people want to be protected from the favored chex pieces. And that’s what I always start with.