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You could travel the world but nothing comes close….


“Wild west, west coast, these are the girls I love the most.”

Drea stopped all the squealing. 

Her voice rang.  “Hey girls?”  We stopped tugging our tops and angling our faces at the mirror.

“Think about it,” she said.  “We’re all happy.”

And one by one we all paused, retraced the steps of the last little while, and smiled a private smile. 

She was right, and bless her forever for making us stop and bookmark this glorious summer.

We ARE all happy.  And we’ve all got a toe in each others’ hot tub.  None of us got where we are without each other.  We all invested and we all paid off, and while it’s rarely that neat and tidy, that’s exactly what happens when women are each other’s friends.

Happy Birthday Lacey.

I hope you know that year after messy, unexpected year, your girls will always be your girls.


I believe all animals were created by God to help keep man alive. -Iwao Fujita


My dear friend Lacey had to put her pet cat (of 9 years) down today.  I cried just imagining how hard that must be.  I tell Mau every year on his birthday that he needs to live forever.  Or at least, longer than me.

And then I cried again just writing her a little note.

Zeus has had a wonderful life with you, and I’m very sorry it couldn’t be longer.  Loyal friends are hard to come by, and I know what his companionship over the years has meant to you.

I don’t know what comes after death, honey, but I’m quite certain that if there is a place of love waiting for us, it’s home to every creature that has known and given love.

I’m so sorry you have to go through this difficult day.

With love,  Valancy Jane

Now go hug your kiddens.

Brady’s last day.


At this company, that is, not of life.  He’s not dying, a fact he repeatedly reminded me of in an incredulous tone when he caught me crying.


He’s got a great new job, a wonderful opportunity for him, blah, blah, blah.  I hate it.  I don’t need the child support now, so can’t he just stay here and play with me?

I dried my eyes with a kitten.  They’re very absorbant, and there’s a whole litter of them here today.  Twinnie and Lacey both adopted one, and I got to play.  Yay for transference!