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I’m very sorry …..


…. that I said that you apparently don’t like women who have opinions.  That was incorrect.  I would like to publicly retract “women” and replace it with “people of any gender, color or creed who respectfully voice an opinion different from yours, in your general vicinity.”

Clearly your disrespect knows not the bounds of sexism.

The implication of sexism was false, it must have been quite hurtful to you, I didn’t mean it, and will be more careful in the future to express my meaning more accurately.

And see, THAT is how you apologize.  You’re still 0 for 2.


Brady’s last day.


At this company, that is, not of life.  He’s not dying, a fact he repeatedly reminded me of in an incredulous tone when he caught me crying.


He’s got a great new job, a wonderful opportunity for him, blah, blah, blah.  I hate it.  I don’t need the child support now, so can’t he just stay here and play with me?

I dried my eyes with a kitten.  They’re very absorbant, and there’s a whole litter of them here today.  Twinnie and Lacey both adopted one, and I got to play.  Yay for transference!




My boss said to take as much time as I need.


It’s a strange turn of events when my boss knows more details of my life than my beloved internet. Not that my boss isn’t a lovely, warm man, the discreet sort you can totally confide in, it’s just that you, Internet, are collectively my best friend, second to Aurora, and maybe red wine.

It’s just that other people have been my voice in my personal life, spreading the horrible news that I have so much trouble even typing. I can’t get someone else to blog for me.

It’s up to me to tell you. Just … gimmie a little more time.