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Pretty things from prettier ladies.


head scarf

Scarf tied at my sister’s suggestion, earrings made by Colsy, shirt a gift from Sam.   And it feels so me.

I see potential.


Colsy sent a link to this article, prompting the following discussion.

Lisslo – What? You can’t rely on Wikipedia? I don’t know about all of you, but I’m utterly shocked.
P.S. I love Wikipedia. LOVE it.

Colsy – haha…actually you CAN rely on wikipedia. it was the media.. hahhah!

Valancy Jane – Sooooooooooooooooo …………. you’re saying I can convince everyone of total lies by putting it on Wikipedia? Is anyone else excited by this?
I’m going to open a page describing me as the most beautiful woman in the world.

Colsy – i believe you.
Except. These would not be lies VJ. 😦

Valancy Jane – See? It’s working already!!!!

Lisslo – It must be – I didn’t even need to look at Wikipedia to find that out. I just knew. It’s common knowledge now!

Valancy Jane – The media outlets have picked it up, without checking. You prolly read it in People.

Up a tree again.



Please note the headband from Justine, and the yellow rose clip from Colsy.

Obviously a compliment.


Aurora says:
How’s the deluxe apartment in the sky?!!!

Valancy Jane says:
I have the whole city for a nightlight.

Kim says:

Colsy says:

Rhett says:
Can you unplug the whole city?

Colsy says:
she can flash the whole city

Valancy Jane says:
I can, and did.
A dog immediately started barking.