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I confess.


I wasn’t checking my email just now, or writing a text.  I was taking your picture.  You caught me, and there’s been plenty of times you haven’t.

I do it because you’re prettier than you think.  I do it because I like all your different smiles, not just the one you save for the camera.  And I do it because the older I get the faster time seems to go by and whenever I think to myself “where DID the year go?!” …….. it’s easy for me to remember the answer.

I spent it with you.





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buckman breakfast burrito

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Breakfast at Cody’s.


Valancy Jane: How are you?

Cody: Good.
just drank a huge pot of coffee. Made it about an hour ago, put it in the fridge, then just poured it over ice and drank it. Like 1/2 gallon

Valancy Jane: That’s how I like my coffee.
Cold and black.
Like my heart.

Cody: hahah
I like my woman like I like my coffee….
Ground up and in the freezer
(wait, that’s not how it goes)

RE: His status message


Valancy Jane: “Banned from Yahoo answers”?

Cody: k

Valancy Jane: I could hug you.
What did you do?

Cody: some 14 year old girl asked what type of job she could do from home and I said to post on craiglist under the erotic services section. But only do incall and wear protection

Valancy Jane: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

Cody: 🙂

Valancy Jane: I feel the same way I did when one of the kids I work with opened her purse and it was full of candy and a bottle of lighter fluid.
So proud.

Hand me a shovel.


When Cody thanked me for helping him paint the bat cave the other night (not a euphamism), I shrugged and said I like painting, and besides, it keeps me out of trouble.  Nothing and no one is safe when I don’t have enough to do. 

And suddenly I looked around at the bat cave and realized that maybe THATS the reason behind it, and that maybe he and I aren’t really so different.