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So people have said …


… that my blended family is confusing.

But I say, as if it’s hard to know who your family is.


We’re still working on today.


I was lucky that I’d scheduled my birthday party for yesterday.  There’s no way I could have known that yesterday would be one of my bad days.  I have days when I can face the unfaceable with a surprising amount of calm.  Yesterday, for no predictable reason, was not one of them. 

Since nothing and no one can fix it, there’s really not much to stop the downward spiral of a bad day, although Lord knows I try.  Every day that doesn’t end in a “the tigers have found me and I do not care” moment I consider a huge personal victory, one I hold tight to me with nothing but my straining fingernails.

Denial has been my saving grace, but since it’s not a quality I ever practiced or aspired to, there are often cracks.  So yeah.  That was yesterday.

But with characteristic luck, yesterday was my birthday party.  Yesterday was Aurora, who can’t help showing her secret idenity as an angel at times.  Yesterday there was wigs and little Bunny Brothers and shiny presents and wine and twilight and the undefinable “It” and too few seats so we all had to snuggle.

Yesterday was nearly perfect.

It’s not a recipe I can pull out of my pocket anytime I need it, but it gave me hope that maybe if I can be ok for one night, then maybe I can define and distill that magic, and scrape together enough for two, enough to fix this.  Or at least that happiness can run concurrent with misery.

Because I really CARE about my family….


….. I have gotten them some really, truly AMAZING Christmas gifts.  I have called in favors, begged, and done a few things I’m not proud of, to get some really personalized gifts that I know they’ll treasure.

I’m giving you guys a peek, don’t tell them.

For Jesse –


For Bethany –

marie curie

For Bunny –


For ZezZee –


For my Bunny Brothers –

Ole Kirk Christiansen

For Rose –


For Little Nick –


( I think it’s funnier if you know that Ole Kirk Christiansen invented the Lego, and that Little Nick likes to prank call the White House. )

Love Always,

Valancy Jane

I’ve heard that at funerals ….


……. you often discover friends that you never knew your desceased loved one had.

So I wasn’t that surprised when a pack of bikers followed me across town from my house to Bunny’s, to bury Miss Cleo.  I said aloud, “Figures,” and waved.

About a year ago, Nick had bought a really gorgeous orange shirt and happened to set it next to her cage.  Miss Cleo must have really liked it, because she proceed to eat about a third of it, which was uncharacteristic of her.  It was such pretty fabric, for some reason it never got thrown out, and when I needed something to wrap her in, I thought of it immediately.

I’d had a hard time thinking of just the right box to bury her in, and even briefly considered a small dollhouse that matched the colors of her cage (too small) and eventually settled on a plain cardboard one, but found a use for that roll of polka dot packing tape. 

It looked so festive that there was momentary confusion with my little brothers about whether or not I had brought them a dead rat or a present. 

We buried her under the rosebushes, and my little brothers hugged me and told me they were sorry and that she was a very good rat and that they understood and knowing they way they love their pets, I knew they meant it, that they really DID understand, and Bunny laid a rose on top of her because Miss Cleo always liked brightly colored things.