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You could travel the world but nothing comes close….


“Wild west, west coast, these are the girls I love the most.”

Drea stopped all the squealing. 

Her voice rang.  “Hey girls?”  We stopped tugging our tops and angling our faces at the mirror.

“Think about it,” she said.  “We’re all happy.”

And one by one we all paused, retraced the steps of the last little while, and smiled a private smile. 

She was right, and bless her forever for making us stop and bookmark this glorious summer.

We ARE all happy.  And we’ve all got a toe in each others’ hot tub.  None of us got where we are without each other.  We all invested and we all paid off, and while it’s rarely that neat and tidy, that’s exactly what happens when women are each other’s friends.

Happy Birthday Lacey.

I hope you know that year after messy, unexpected year, your girls will always be your girls.

A new life.


Several months back, my friend Drea’s husband sent her flowers, and as I snapped this picture, my favorite picture of her, I remember thinking that I’d never seen her look more beautiful and content and ….. womanly.

And there was something to the sparkle I saw that day.  40 weeks later, yesterday, the first day of spring, Drea gave birth to little Audriana Casey.

On the nearby military base.


Older Gentleman – “Ladies?”

Drea – “Yes?

Valancy Jane – *looks up*

Older Gentlemen – “You ladies would win the award for best dressed ladies in this store.”

Drea – “Oh thank you!”

Valancy Jane – “Is there actually an award?”

Older Gentleman – *shakes head*  “My wife won’t let me do that …… anymore.”

Write this down, Doc.


Yesterday, while speaking to my new general care doctor, we covered my medical history, and overall health.  How often I exercise, how much sleep I get a night, etc.  She noted that I’d repeated myself, twice mentioning my wonderful, supportive, wise and loving circle of friends.  I found myself bringing it up again to a specialist I saw later that day.

I wanted them to know that I know what I’m sure they already know.  That either as a reflection of, or because of, my overall health can at any point be gauged by how many close female friendships I have.


And later that night, a cocktail reception at the art museum, it occurred to me.  Why had I told my doctors this, and not my gal pals themselves?

I can never tell them too often what they mean they mean to me, and how rich and loved and alive they make me feel.  That no story of me, even something as mudane as a medical file, is complete without mention of them.  They are that powerful.