Dear darling Internet, you’ll tell me the truth, won’t you?


These pants.  These pants are awesome.  But ……. will they love me back?  I’m short, especially the lower half, and not conservatively proportioned.  Will the well-defined waist keep me from looking too hip-py?  Will hemming them (which I often have to do) destroy the tapered leg?  I strongly suspect I can make these work, but then I remember the year I thought short-sleeved mock turtlenecks where the way to go.  (Picture NOT supplied.)

In return for your advice, I will offer my own on any subject you choose.  Anything at all you want advice on.  My only warning/qualification is that I’m a brave little slut.


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  1. Personally I think you would be fine hemming them up, after all isn’t it the shoes that really matter. Not hardly sweatheart it’s that charming smile and the beautiful eye’s that win them over… However I do believe that the last thing anyone would notice is a little modification in length.

  2. Hmm…I would say yes, except they go up above your hip. I’ve noticed that as a fellow Liliputian, that it’s best to have pants that rest at the hip, otherwise your body goes: boobs to pants, instead of boobs, waist, pants. We need someone to invent an e-fitting room, where you type in your measurements and see a virtual fitting of the clothes on you.

  3. Okay, I’m going to say no. I am also very short, with real person hips and I find that pants that sit that high accentuate the hips… and not in a flattering way. The high waist combined with the fit and taper will probably not be flattering. And, yes, hemming them will destroy the taper.

    Here is what I need advice on: I am currently torn between working things out with an ex and pursuing things with a new boy who is the antithesis of everyone I have ever dated. And the antithesis of me. But in some ways, I feel like my last relationship brought me to the point where I can date someone like him. It’s a long and confusing story… so, which one do I pick?! Live my life for me VJ. Arranged marriages are looking better and better to me everyday.

  4. Iam – Thank you.

    Colsy, I think you have a great point about the boobs. My boobs are very … very THERE. Thank you dear wee one.

    V. and CB, I’m excited to answer both your questions in more depth later.

    • oh! thanks miss VJ!

      and by the way, i agree with colsy. it is considered more flattering when the pant waist bisects the body at or near its widest point, de-accentuating the body’s change in diameter by breaking up the visual line. they key for you will be the sash. is it movable? if so, for goodness’ sake move it lower!

      hemming a tapered pant leg: the taper can be taken into account. it’s just that when the leg is shorter, it doesn’t have as far to taper inward.

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