The Secret Life of Paper Clips


The way I feel about my boyfriend is the reason that if I find two paperclips stuck together, I either put them in the same stack, or back in the box.


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  1. Well about three and a half years ago, I fell in love with someone who wasn’t really available to me. He’s since made himself available (so delightfully available!).
    He’s just ……….. the only one. Ever.

    Wait. Where across the county? Where are you? Closer to me? Gawd I hope so.

    • Over a thousand miles closer to you, but alas, not very close.

      However, I do have a whole room in my new (to me, built in 1960) house devoted to the eating of ice cream.
      You will need to visit.
      Details, sorta, on my blog, but mostly photos of my baby.

      Remembering Sadie and wishing you well. Still want to hear more about lovelovelove.

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