Playing Ketchup.


I know I’m way behind here.  I’ve gotta tell you about Denmark (amazing), Lacey’s birthday party (drunken and wonderful), the coffin in the attic (mostly empty), and meeting Ruan in London (yay!).

But most of all, I have to tell you about the man I love.  The man that just owns me, wrecks me and utterly delights me.  (And who THANK GOODNESS loves me back.)  He’s no stranger to my loyal readers, except for the fact that I never did really tell you his name or show you his picture.  It’s that same one, the only one.

We’ll get to that. 

It’s an insane story, and coming from me that means a lot.  Bear with me because it’s also an insanely looooooooooong story.  It started when I was five, it covers such topics as in what order  do you put employee mailboxes?  can you expect to win when you’ve broken all the rules?  and remind me again what are the circumstances under which the anti-Christ will be born?

More so than ever, I’m so excited to tell you everything.


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  1. I’m so excited to hear this. In fact, I’m even more excited that you’re writing it in chapters. There will be a published book, right?

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