For someone with no job, I’m really busy.


I mean, I have to buy and make my own coffee.  Can’t pass up the free day at the museum, there’s all that booze to drink and a backlog of boys I can do.  Being this fabulous is hard, I almost wonder when I found time to work before…..

So yeah, I got laid off, again, by the same company, sort of.  Should I even bother trying to explain it?  The gist is that I’ll prolly have to start reciting beat poetry at the transit station for tips. 

No wait, I won’t have to.  I’m just going to because that sounds fun and I’m pretty sure I don’t have to report that income to unemployment.

And while I’m heartbroken to leave a job that I loved every single day the six years I was there, don’t worry about me.  I already face down this fear a few months ago, and I’m in a position to handle this just fine.

I have a nice roof over my head.  Unemployment will cover my expenses.  I’m living a surprisingly glamorous little existence.  I’m off to A Fine Frenzy concert in LA tonight with Yost, and tomorrow I’ll be getting my passport finalized for my vacation next month.

I could really get used to this.

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  1. I am wondering what your first thought will be when you see 239482903859078 comments from me later, all in quick succession. Error? WordPress bad? Rez just being Rez? Please do share.

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