Also, I’m going to download Ice, Ice Baby.


Thérèse: I must be off now.

Valancy Jane: Oh, can I tell you something first?
Thérèse: Yes.
Please tell me.
Valancy Jane: Right now I’m checking out new ringtones.
Valancy Jane: And my iPhone is plugged into my speakers.
Thérèse: Do ice ice baby. It’s the best ring tone in the world.
Sorry, go on.
Valancy Jane: Dulce is TOTALLY FREAKED OUT by the theme from Psycho.
Thérèse: * gigggggggle *
She’s a class act, that cat.
Valancy Jane: I find that adorable, and also, kinda sensible.

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  1. Seriously there is something so wonderfully wrong with that song Ice Ice Baby that I can’t help but love it. Good call Rez. Also, Dulce, LET ME CHEW ON YOUS!!!

  2. Hey VJ– Just making sure that you’re okay. I miss whole weeks without blog posts.
    New blaze of nudity and booze?
    Big hug.

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