America’s Next Top Model. Yes, again.


Dear Naduah,

………. that was over quick.  Why you gotta be like that, huh?  I LIKED you.  I TRUSTED you.  And you got weird.

Love, Valancy Jane

I think Anslee is my new favorite (her ears! so cute!), but I’m a little gun-shy because the promo for next week shows her yelling at another contestant.  We all know how I feel about that, so we’ll see.

Raina could steal my affection, I think.  This photo below is perfect, in my opinion.  (Other than them feeling the need to airbrush out the nipple but whatevs.)

Simone needs to “push through it” as Tyra would say, but I think she’s got all the ingredients.

Ren is great ……. but lets face it.  Ren is going to quit.  Oh and I’m entirely certain her name is actually Lauren and she’s just trying to sound edgier.  Which is totally fine.  But I’m calling her Lauren now.

Aurora has tentatively picked Jessica and I don’t entirely disagree.  Aurora won’t like that I think of her as a little vanilla, but she’s good and I’m willing to change my mind.

It seems remiss not to mention Brenda, because she’s doing well, but I just can’t muster up much of an opinion on her other than a vaguely positive feeling.  We’ll see.

Angelea laid low this week, giving Alasia a chance to showcase some major crazy.  (And butt cheek.)  Someone tell her it’s a modeling competition, not a yelling competition.

Lord knows I don’t mind a little butt cheek, but let’s leave this post in a better place, shall we?  Here’s another shot of Anslee, modeling a perfume that begins as a color.


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  1. Yeah, I hadn’t finished the episode and uhm…. I fail.

    I need a replacement now. This season is tough. And that new judge blows my mind.

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