It’s time to talk about ANTM.


I like Anslee, even if it’s clear she has no idea what she’s doing.

Simone is gorgeous, and I think her makeover gives her a good edge.

Ren is ok, even if she does cite her occupation as “living.”

I ADORE Naduah, and not just because she’s from my hometown, I swear.  Who knew a shaved head could be so endearing and cute?  She’s my early fave.

And Angelea still scares the crap out of me.  I don’t think the therapy really took.  When she looks at the camera, I duck.


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  1. Based on their names only, I like Simone the best. Her name is the most lovely, and the least annoying. Although I like Ren’s name too. Simone trumps Ren though.

    Also? Simone is so the cutest. She totally is, look at that face! I want to be her friend.

    Naduah’s shoes are the best. Plus her baldness is badass. Also? She and Simone are the only ones in these series of photographs who don’t look like disappointed aerobics instructors from the 90s.

    The others all annoy me, instantly, with varying intensity.

    I think it is time to trot out one of my all time favourite quotes:

    “Some people ski. We judge.”
    – Donna

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