Sister plans.


Valancy Jane: Darling!

ZezZee: hello my dear
we have been painting
it is very exciting

Valancy Jane: As of five this evening, I’m off work and free to play for the next four days.

ZezZee: ooh

Valancy Jane: And no particular plans.

ZezZee: me neither
let’s change this
something involving fire

Valancy Jane: And twirling.
And cat hair. Just because everything I do involves cat hair.
I can’t get away from it.

ZezZee: shiny cat hair

Valancy Jane: Let’s do something Sat afternoon.

ZezZee: Sat afternoon it is

Valancy Jane: Shall we get ice cream and stroll the main shopping drag in Del Mar?

ZezZee: oooh
that involves neither fire nor twirling
on first glance

Valancy Jane: Only on first glance.

ZezZee: but i have full faith in our resourcefulness

Valancy Jane: Yes.
Ice cream and cigars, then.

ZezZee: hahaha
classy combination

Valancy Jane: We are nothing if not classy.

ZezZee: hmmm
not sure i like this dichotomy
classy or nothing….
does that mean we go poof if we take our heels off?

Valancy Jane: Haha!
Let’s never take that chance.


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