Valancy Jane says:
My therapist is back in town, and I’ve got a few more days of health insurance.

Chamook says:
well that’s a positive

Valancy Jane says:
“Can I have six appointments tomorrow?”

Chamook says:
come and move to europe
we have free health care

Valancy Jane says:
Very tempting.
Am I cool enough to be European?

Chamook says:
I’d say so, but if you don’t feel you are, you could always move to england, english people aren’t very cool
it’s just a myth that foreigners believe

Valancy Jane says:
I’ll keep that in mind.
And I mostly speak the language.

Chamook says:
just remember that the h in herbs isn’t silent

Valancy Jane says:
And audd an euxtra “u” to a lout of wourds.

Chamook says:
see, you’ll be fine


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