Marilyn, Carla, Rick and Sharon.


There are no cuter people on earth than the ones who work at staffing agencies. Without exception they are perky, optimistic, sympathetic, bouncy haired, and have the sort of coloring that enables them to pull off magenta in a way I never will.   I loooooooooove meeting with staffing agencies. I mean, they HAVE to say nice things about me, and I’m not even the one that pays them! I’m working with four different ones, to insure that every day I get at least one phone call a day with a trilling little hello.


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  1. Ha! So true! They are like the Perky Pep Squad from the Planet of Permanent Smiles! I love my agency recruiter, I really do. She’s just so dang happy all the time and seems so sincere about making sure I get jobs. I like that in a recruiter!

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