Career Options


Jay – “I really wanted to practice some witch doctoring. I need to get back to my roots…string up some shrunken heads…speak in tongues.”

Valancy Jane – “Sweet, can I be a witch doctor too?”

Jay – “You can but you have to develop some kind of craziness.”

Valancy Jane – “Are you saying I’m not crazy enough to be a witch doctor? I’ve never been told I’m not crazy enough for something.”

Jay – “Uh no you’re not crazy at all lol sorry. You’re more normal and stable than you know. Completely adjusted.”

Valancy Jane – “But I WANT to be a witch doctor! Don’t smash my dreams.”

Jay – “lol I had no idea. Lets all just calm down…stop brushing your hair and you’re half way there.”

Valancy Jane – “Done. Ok. What next?”

Jay – “Hmm…I think you have to talk to things that are not human.”

Valancy Jane – “I already do that.”

Jay – “But…you do believe in ghost so I think that should sub for God or anything else.”

Valancy Jane – “I had a lovely chat last night with my glass of wine.”

Jay – “Who did you chat with?”

Valancy Jane – “The glass of wine.”

Jay – “Oh…lol do items count? Mmmm sure why not?”

Valancy Jane – “Well, they’re not human. You might say I was communing with the spirit of the grape vines.”

Jay – “Lol maybe…the cows that fertilized the grapes that was later made into wine…I see the connection. Now you have to get an old book and hand write a lot of stuff in it, preferably in a fake language.”

Valancy Jane – “I have a journal in my purse and my handwriting is pretty bad, does that count? Nobody ever knows what the hell I’m talking about most of the time anyway.

Jay – “Lol I think that should count. Can you read your own handwriting?”

Valancy Jane – “Yes.”

Jay – “Oh then you’re good.”

Valancy Jane – “Sweet! Anything else?”

Jay – “No I think you’re good.”

Valancy Jane – “I’m in!”


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