The Case of the Telltale Sock


Buckman – “Headed back shortly.  Just letting ya know.”

Valancy Jane – “Why is there a sock on your bedroom doorknob?  I was proud but then I listened and it was too quiet.”

Buckman – “What?  I have no idea what you’re talking about.  I didn’t put it there.”

Valancy Jane – “No joke, there’s literally a sock on your doorknob.”

Buckman – “Hahahahaha!  Did Jesse put it there?  I did NOT do that, no joke.”

Valancy Jane – “I dunno, there’s nobody else home.”

Buckman – Hahahaha, omg leave it there, I gotta see this.  I did do laundry but really didn’t do that.  I’ve been gone since about 3.”

Valancy Jane – “Hmmmm, a mystery.  I have this sudden vision of you and I as teenage sleuths.”

Buckman – “It probably fell out of my laundry and onto the floor, but what are the odds???”

Valancy Jane – “I think it was the old janitor, with the scar on his face.”

Buckman – “In the ballroom!”

Valancy Jane – “With a flashlight.  Everyone knows suspicious old janitors carry flashlights to conk teenage sleuths unconscious.  We’ll solve the case once we search the old carriage house and find a diary proving that he is the desendant of the illigitmate son of the house’s original owner.”

Buckman – “BAHAHAHAHA!  Sounds like a case for homo and the brain.”

Valancy Jane – “Ok, but we need a better name.”

Buckman – “Lol, I’m busy, cut me some slack.”

Valancy Jane – “I’ll be in charge of the name, you round up some clean cut, sweater wearing boyfriends with alliterative names.”

Buckman – “Done and done.”

Valancy Jane – “Like Ted Thompson and Frank Fredricks.”

Buckman – “Steve Snodgrass, Ralph Rutgers and Joe Joehanssen are on board, that work?”

Valancy Jane – “Perfect.  We’re now the Walter sisters, Joanie and Bonnie.”


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