Willow sent a catnip mouse


Actually Willow sent a(nother!) box stuffed to the seams with delightful things (homemade personalized fortune cookies!!). Willow is half angel, half princess, half crimefighting unicorn.

My wonderful Amber sent a generous check to cover Mau’s medication. Amber is made of pure cotton candy, and in ancient times was revered as the goddess of dewdrops and baby birds.

Visitors, dinners, letters, wine …
I am blown away by the generosity of all of my friends, to me and to “just” a cat. My God. Excuse me while I cry into this bag of candy and gold star confetti, and wipe my eyes with a letter that arrived already tearstained.


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  1. You’ve probably noticed this too but having volunteered at the animal shelter for the last 6 years and being around fellow animal lovers, I’ve learned one thing to be true: animal lovers have HUGE hearts and are some of the most giving, loving, compassionate people in the world. Of course this includes you which is why people are being so loving to you and Mau in return. Give Mau another kiss for me please.

  2. I’m so sorry about your Mau. i lost my buddy Juice, who was my first “grown up” cat 2 summers ago and I still miss her. I keep photos of her around, looking at one on my desk right now. it’s nice to have. Losing pets is terrible, but they give us so much while they are here, I keep falling in love with fur…

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