Wherein cancer is good news.


Two for Mau, one for me.

Mau’s kidneys are not failing.  That’s the important part because once kidneys start to fail, you can only attempt to slow the process, they never get any less sick, only more so.  And apparently there are no kitty organ transplants, not even if you organize it yourself (“don’t ask where I got these, just put ’em in”) and you can’t give a piece of your own (“He already has a human heart!”).

So it looked like it was his kidneys, but it’s not.  That’s the part I keep reminding myself of, that my worst nightmare is not coming true.

What he has is a tumor.  We’re waiting on the biopsy now.  There is slight evidence in his blood work that the tumor might possibly be the result of his immune system acting up, and not cancerous.  This would be much, much easier to treat, we’d just have to pump him full of steroids (although that seems like the worst possible idea any vet who values her intact skin could have).

We’re pinning our hopes on this outcome.


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  1. Huh, that reminds me of my late kitty – I loved her and she loved me, but the vet did need stitches once after seeing her (I’d scratch him too if he put his finger up my bum). Still hoping for good news for you and Mau.

  2. Oh Veaj, you know how I feel about My Mau. This news has bummed me out so much. I was sick in bed yesterday (and would have stayed home today if it weren’t for stupid deadlines) but I couldn’t stop thinking about you two and hoping that you would know my silence meant that I wasn’t around for some reason not that I didn’t care. I’m glad his kidneys aren’t failing and I know that whatever the outcome happens to be, you and Mau will fight it like the champs you are. If it is something that will cost you a lot to treat, we should start some kind of fundrasier for it. I for one would be honored to contribute to helping Mau feel better.

    • Thank you, sweet lady. Unfortunately if it’s cancerous, it’s more a quality of life issue than a money issue. Although holy crap, this was horrid timing. I just spent the very last of my savings just to run these tests, so if somebody wants to host a bake sale, or sponsor a medication, I’d make sure they got an autographed (by Mau) holiday card for sure.

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