While at the doctor’s on Weds, she reminded me that I was due for two vaccinations, a tetanus booster and the first of the hepatitis Be vaccinations.  Now, I knew as soon as the nurse asked if I was right or left handed that one of them was gonna be bad, but I did not expect to get as sick as I did.


The next morning I woke up so sick I almost cried when I tried to stand up.  And in my stupidly fevered state, I was thinking, I can go to work, I can do this. If I can just walk a little, take some deep breaths, I’ll be able to work through the stiffness and stand upright. So I decide to go to the 7-11 two blocks away. I practically crawl there, and I’ve got fever and chills but I’m so stiff that I’m not shivering, I’m twitching. I overheard the cashier whisper to the other “meth” in a singsong tone, and I thought, ok, if I’m being mistaken for a tweeker, I think I should stay home from work.

So I crawled back into bed and didn’t budge all day, until I had to.  I had an appointment at four with my psychiatrist, and unless you have a note from the ER, a missed appointment means your insurance won’t cover the fee and you have to pay out of pocket the entire cost of the appointment.  So I had to drag myself in and attempt to convince him that the anti-anxiety meds are working like a dream, and the fact that I look like a zombie is completely unrelated!  I owe it to our good working relationship that he took me seriously.

I’m feeling much better today, which really is a low hurdle to jump, but I’m grateful.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to wrap my arms in caution tape, to ward off those well intentioned squeezes of where I got my shots.


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  1. Yeah… that’s why I lie about my tetanus shot being up to date and why I (angrily) decline most vaccines. Did you know that even with the tetanus vaccine you are just as likely to get tetanus as you would be without it? Seems fucked up, right?

    But mostly it’s because the thought of a sharpened piece of steel piercing my flesh gives me anxiety attacks.

  2. I’m so sorry you are feeling so rough.

    I tend to agree with valeri… please consider looking into Homeopathy to help you to counterbalance the nastiness of what they have injected. They can help you to clear it out of your system and also help you feel better STAT!

    Much love and no hugs (for now) xxx

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