You know those people ….


….. who can’t resist telling you how much they paid for something when you compliment it?

I think I’ve become one of those. But in the cheapskate way, is that honestly any better? Maybe? No? Darn.


The knit navy dress is from the Everything $5.99 store, the navy sweater is from Forever 21, costing $12.99.  The boots are once again the five dollar yard sale find, the knee socks from Target set me back two bones.  The bracelet came from a quarter vending machine, and the necklace was a gift from my grandmother, who used to live next door to the artist.

nov 3rd

Today we have the little black dress I picked up for $3.50 at the Salvation Army.  I’m delighted with more than just the price, the fabric is thick and it’s very comfortable.  The necklace you might recognize as the two dollar once I picked up from a local shop called Octopus Clothing, the socks are again from Target, this time $2.50.  And the shoes.  Have I ever mentioned that I bought my favorite shoes from the costume department of Walmart, two years ago, for seven dollars?

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  1. I’m one of your type. I do brag about thrift store and clearance rack finds. It’s probably as annoying as the other way, but, as I don’t know anyone who spends money on clothes, I can’t personally compare, and, if we both do it, how could it be annoying?

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